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Friday, August 01, 2008



Inventor, Bringhurst, University of California

A day-neutral cultivar released in 1983, this variety is planted primarily in the central coastal counties, using both winter and summer systems. It accounted for 17 percent of the statewide acreage in 1989 plantings. High yielding, it has a typical day-neutral pattern for cyclical fruit production throughout spring, summer, and into fall. Commercial harvests have continued into December. Selva is exceptionally firm and has an acceptable appearance. Flavor is generally regarded as fair to poor, especially early in the season. Flavor is enhanced by allowing berries to fully ripen before picking. Selva also shows a low tolerance to two-spotted red spider mite. This problem can be sever when the plants are not properly conditioned with appropriate chilling treatments to stimulate vigor. This variety is susceptible to powdery mildew. Winter-planting recommendations for Selva call for harvest from high-elevation nurseries as late as is commercially feasible (the last 2 weeks of October) and planting after 2 to 4 weeks of supplemental cold storage, 33 F. Inadequate chilling results in plants with low vigor. Excessive storage can delay and reduce yields. Low-elevation Selva plants dug in mid-December and planted in January or later are now being grown commercially with mixed results. Most day-neutral varieties can be winter-planted with some flexibility, if special care is taken to provide optimum chilling. Summer planting of Selva is not recommended before September 10, with optimum performance often obtained by planting later in September. Large, very firm berries make this productive variety an excellent choice for both commercial and home gardeners. This variety is not well suited for northern locations above the Mason-Dixon Line due to its lack of winter hardiness. Intermediate plant size (12" tall). In Florida, is very early fruiting, usually producing some fruit in November, but the fresh fruit flavor of this cultivar is marginal.

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